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Does the program really work?
Currently 250 different apartment complexes throughout the city participate in the program. As a result there has been a 35% reduction in calls for police service at these properties. In addition, there has been a 42% reduction in the Part One crime rate. So the answer is a resounding YES!

How do I get involved?
Simply call the Crime Free Multi-Housing office of the Hawthorne Police Department at (310) 349-2823.

What is Crime Free Multi-Housing?
The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is designed to help landlords, property owners and the police department improve the quality of life in and around apartment complexes within the city, while reducing the calls for police service at participating complexes. Through a cooperative effort, CFMH helps eliminate gangs, drugs and illegal activity from rental property. The program consists of five phases:

Phase One
Managers and owners attend a seminar taught by police department personnel. Topics include property management, tenant screening, CPTED, (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) principles, unlawful detainers and law enforcement.

Phase Two
The rental property is inspected and certified using CPTED principles by trained police personnel.

Phase Three
A Crime Free Multi-Housing sign is erected at the property, displaying participation in the program. The sign serves as an advertising tool in rental publications.

Phase Four
A tenant meeting is held at the complex, which is hosted by the police department. The Crime Free Lease Addendum is introduced into existing rental agreements and crime prevention tips are discussed with the tenants.

Phase Five
An annual inspection is performed on the property to ensure compliance and further usage of the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program.

What will I learn at the training?
Tenant and applicant screening, CPTED principles, and advanced property management techniques are just a few of the topics covered at this very informative training. Recognition and identification of gang and drug activity is also taught by police experts.

Who can participate in the program and how much does it cost?
The program is offered free of charge to landlords, managers and owners who desire to improve the quality of life in and around their respective properties.

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