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Earthquake - What to Do

The 7.0 magnitude Haiti Earthquake occurred January 12th the 8.8 magnitude Chilean Quake on February 22nd 2010 and the 9.0 Sendai Japan quake on March 14, 2011. What have you done to prepare yourself and your family for the 7.0 – 8.0 earthquake that is suppose to hit Southern California? Click on the link http://www.earthquakecountry.info/roots/seven_steps.html for solid advice concerning how to prepare.

If you are in a workplace with a desk, where will you go?  Well, today someone asked me what they should do if it starts to rock and roll during the day here in Hawthorne?  The best place to ride out an earthquake is in your office right where you are sitting, under your desk.  If you try to run outside where you think it’s safe, you may not make it to your door.  Have you looked around your office environment lately and noticed how many bookcases and file cabinets you would have to crawl over to just make it to the door in a 6.5+ magnitude quake?  If you try and run while the earth is still moving, the chances of you getting injured by falling debris increases with each split second. 

The best place to ride out an earthquake is right under your desk.  DUCK, COVER AND HOLD ON!  If you have children in school, they practice this at least twice a year.  Now, take a look at the stuff you have down in that space under your desk.  If you have a cleared out an area down there you’re ahead of the game.  If you haven’t, it’s time to clear it out so you can find shelter.  If you’re a packrat, think of it this way; are those items you have down there worth more than your life?

 Recently, residents and our own employees have asked about the “Triangle of Life” theory that one man made up based on some instances that occurred in 1989 in the Bay Area quake where the freeways collapsed.  Are you willing to put your life on the line for an untested theory?  The best place for you to ride out a shaker is under a desk and by using your hands and arms to cover your best asset…your brain.  Some employees have asked whether they should stand in a doorway and ride it out.  If you do and the shaking is very intense, you may lose your fingers to the door in addition to being hit by the office objects as you stand.

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